Allure ISOCORE Smoked Oak Plank Flooring Vinyl

Allure ISOCORESmoked Oak Vinyl flooring is the latest innovation in vinyl flooring, available exclusively at The Home Depot. Allure ISOCORE Plank Flooring features an innovative highly engineered closed-cell foamed PVC core that delivers rigidity and strength, yet is lightweight and easy to handle and install. Allure ISOCORE planks feature authentic embossing that looks and feels like real wood. The simple drop-and-lock end joints make installation a breeze. A solid virgin vinyl layer enhances durability and provides exceptional embossing detail and texture while an attached underlayment minimizes sound, is shock-absorbing and enhances warmth and comfort underfoot.

  • Smoked Oak Silver color finish
  • 7 mm thickness x 8.7 in. width x 47.6 in. length
  • Appropriate grade for installation: all grades
  • Can be installed over most existing surfaces including tile, wood, concrete and vinyl

I installed this in my kitchen, dining, living room, bathroom, and family room. Total product used was about 700 square feet. It is a beautiful product and I left a scrap piece out in the rain to see how well it performed and the water just beaded up. It went in easy in some spots and needed some leveling in others as the installer went along.

My home was built in the 1940’s and the porch was converted into part of the kitchen years ago so there was more work to be done as far as joining the two floors. We used an oak product stained gray and also used oak thresholds as the accessory pieces to this product seemed cheep and we thought oak would last longer. The smoked oak silver looks like a driftwood and we live by the ocean so it was perfect.

We used asek quarter round for the trim in the rooms with white trim and used a driftwood laminate quarter round for the kitchen and dining area. I can’t say how it will hold up because its only been in a week but I have transformed my home and I couldn’t be happier.

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