Find Discontinued Trafficmaster Flooring

Help, I don’t know where to find the discontinued Home Depot floor.

The best place to find Find Discontinued Trafficmaster Flooring that is no longer sold at Home Depot or other stores is online at  You can find the discontinued Find Discontinued Trafficmaster FlooringTrafficmaster flooring on this site by seeing what others have remaining and also list your needs.

Are you looking for any of these flooring types:

  • Trafficmaster Brazilian Cherry
  • Trafficmaster Benson Oak
  • Trafficmaster Baytown Oak
  • Trafficmaster Ainsley Oak
  • Trafficmaster Raintree Acacia
  • Trafficmaster Kingston Peak Hickory
  • Trafficmaster New Ellenton Hickory
  • Trafficmaster Eagle Peak Hickory

Discontinued types of Trafficmaster Flooring which you are able to find through our site are:

  • Baytown Oak
  • Brazilian Cherry
  • Sonora Maple
  • Deluxe Redwood
  • Hudson Bay
  • Various Trafficmaster Oaks

You are also able to find Discontinued Trafficmaster flooring of any types by posting what you are looking for and people will reply with what they have remaining. You can often find multiple boxes very quickly and finish the floor that you have already begun. Don’t waste any time you can find what you need today.

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Flooring Laminate Flooring List what you need to find below.
Clearance Sale, Limited Stocks Unbeatable Price, Free Shipping! Can’t find the discontinued Trafficmaster laminate flooring that you need to finish that  project at your home or office?

We are here to help you find what you are looking for. How do we know how tough it can be to find the Trafficmaster that was discontinued from Home Depot? First hand, we learned. So many of us have started a project with the material we bought a few months ago, and now we find ourselves 3 – 4 boxes short. We head back to the store to get some more only to find they no longer sell it and no other stores have it.  What do you do? You can now find what you need with

Find what you need above and on the side.


  1. Gary Stebnitz says:

    I am looking for two boxes of traffic master glueless laminate flooring in the Hampton Honey Oak. Plank size is 7.86″x47.56″x5/16″. Please email me if you have any available.

  2. i am looking for 1 or 2 boxes of glentown oak

  3. Rick Burns says:

    looking for 8 boxes of Traffic Master New Ellonton Hickory

  4. I am looking for 4 boxes of 8mm Traffic Master Hanover Oak. Thank you

  5. I need 10 boxes of Trafficmaster New Ellenton Hickory. Email me with price, including shipping

  6. I need 1 box of Traffic Master Walton Noce 12×12. Any idea where I can find it?

  7. Martina says:

    I need one box of Hampton Honey Oak Glueless Laminate System HD015 #00203 Plank: 7.86 x 47.56 x 5/16

  8. Deborah O'Neal says:

    I need one box of Traffic Master MR0004 Medium Red Oak Strip (19.63 sq. ft.) for repair work.

  9. Bonnie Spencer says:

    I am looking for1 to 2 boxes of travelmaster new ellenton hickory. if you have any please let me know.
    thanks :)

  10. Katherine White-Ridley says:

    I am looking for 30 boxes of 8mm Traffic Master Hanover Oak. Thank you

  11. We need Traffic Master Benson Oak . We did our whole house with it and have decided to add an addition but… it has been discontinued. Please let us know if you have any. Our project will start very soon so I’ll need to replace all of the floors if I can’t find a few boxes. Thanks.
    Kay Heckt

  12. Hi, I’m looking for Kinston Peak Hickory paste to repair a scratch. Do you have this?

  13. Need 1 box of Trafficmaster Hanover Oak 8mm laminate. Can anyone help???

  14. Frank Alvarez says:

    i am looking for a box of traffic master red oak with factory insulation glued to the underside of the planks. i bought this laminate flooring many years ago at home depot, i need to replace several planks due to a water leak. do i have alternatives. thanks

  15. I need a box of New Ellenton Hickory.

  16. Tad Miers says:

    We need 9 boxes ofTraffic Master Benson Oak (214sf / 24.02sf per box). Please let us know if you have any. Thanks.

  17. Jim Gilliland says:

    I need two boxes of trafficmaster Benson oak.

  18. We need 1-2 boxes of new ellenton hickory if you have any! Please email with cost and shipping. Thanks!

  19. We are in desperate need of 10 boxes of New Ellenton Hickory to finish our house we were shorted boxes on delivery and they are telling us they cant get anymore. Now I find out that it was discontinued. Please help if at all possible. Please send me price including the shipping cost to Illinois. Thanks.

  20. I am looking for several boxes of Glentown Oak. Does anyone have this type of flooring?

  21. Was wondering if you had any TrafficMASTER Walton 12 in. x 12 in. Noce Ceramic Floor Tile and a price? Thanks!

  22. I need 2 or 3 boxes of TrafficMaster Baytown Oak. Please let me know if you have it available.


  23. I am looking for TrafficMASTER Sonora Maple 8mm Thick x 7-11/16 in. Wide x 50-5/8 in. Length Laminate Flooring.

  24. Ryan McMillan says:

    I need approximately 150sqft of Trafficmaster Baytown Oak badly!

  25. I need 3-4 boxes of TrafficMaster Baytown Oak as soon as possible!!!

  26. Dustin Ruehle says:

    Looking for 3-4 boxes of TrafficMaster Hanover Oak

  27. Need 1-3 boxes of traffic master Baytown oak asap

  28. I am looking for 2 plus boxes of TrafficMaster Benson Oak! I will buy more if you have it available! Thanks!

  29. martin svidro says:

    I am looking for 3 boxes of Benson oak flooring

  30. Michael says:

    Am in need of 6 boxes of Trafficmaster Hampton Classic Oak wood laminate flooring, any possibilities?

  31. I am looking for4-5 boxes of Hamilton Oak 8mm laminate flooring. Please let me know if anyone has any left over.

  32. I have 7 boxes of benson oak (trafficmaster). I am in Boca Raton ,fl. Message me if you are nearby

  33. traffic master ainsley oak says:

    we need traffic master ainsley oak glueless laminate flooring that is 8 inch wide not the new 7.6 in .28 that home depot sells now other size must be discontinued – call 770-2314491 Donnie thank you!

  34. Tony Comstock says:

    I am looking for 4-5 boxes of traffic masters New Ellenton hickory to finish my upstairs. Email me if you have any

  35. Need 10boxes of Sonora

  36. Kim Beverly says:

    I have to finish a product quickly and have been looking for traffic master Sonora Maple 8mm thick x7-11-16 in width x50x5x8 in length
    27418153 #hl1047
    I need approx. 5 cases. Thank you!

  37. I need 36 boxes of traffic master Sonora Maple 8mms thick x 7-11/16 x 50

  38. Hi, I need 2 boxes of Sonora Maple –ASAP– thanks!

  39. trafficmaster sonora maple says:

    I am looking for 5 boxes of trafficmaster sonora maple 8mm please let me know if you have it.

  40. I am looking for 1 box of Trafficmaster Benson Oak, please let me know if anyone has this.

  41. Martha Byrd says:

    I am in need of 2 or 3 boxes of Baytown Oak. Please email me with price and shipping.
    Thank You in Advance.

  42. christal says:

    I am looking for 5 boxes of benson oak. please email if you have available.

  43. I need 5-10 box of sonora maple ASAP

  44. I am looking for 3 boxes of Traffic Master Hampton Honey Oak. #HD015. Got a rod hole leak on the basement and destroyed this laminate. If you have any available please contact back. Thanks.

  45. I am in need of 3 boxes of Traffic Master Baytown Oak, if you have any available please contact back. Thank You

  46. I need 5 to 6 boxes of Sonora Maple – The store loaded six boxes of the wrong color and now it’s discontinued. HELP! – Florida

  47. I need Hanover Oak. Probably around 3 boxes to finish a medium size bedroom. If you have any please contact me! I will gladly pay for shipping!!

  48. I need Hanover Oak. Probably around 3 boxes to finish a medium size bedroom. If you have any please contact me! I will gladly pay for shipping!!

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