I Need Trafficmaster Flooring

I am looking for Trafficmaster is something I hear on this flooring website hundreds of times each week. Trafficmaster Allure Review and Picture It seems that Home Depot regularly closes our their various types of Trafficmaster and bring in other colors.

The problem with Home Depot switching what they carry is when people start a floor and then aren’t able to finish it immediately. When they get close to finish it they notice they didn’t get enough boxes of Trafficmaster from the store.

The happy installer heads back to Home Depot to pick up a few boxes to complete their floor installation. When they arrive at the store they are smacked with the reality they can’t get the color of flooring that they have already installed 90%!! Well, Home Depot says to call around to other stores, but they have no luck. They are sold out everywhere!

What do you do? Well post what you need below. If you have some leftovers let people know what sku, and color of Home Depot Trafficmaster you have.

We can help each other find the Trafficmaster flooring type you need. Check the links above and below for other ways to get the Trafficmaster laminate flooring you need.


  1. Just left Home Depot empty handed. Am looking for a box or 2 of Traffic Master. There’s no info on the remaining partial box, but the following numbers are on the back of a leftover piece:

    D-9893 300506 137-HM 20:55 Looks like a Honey Oak?

    Thanks in advance, Steve

  2. I need 4 boxes of Trafficmaster Hampton Collection – Honey Oak (color #203) laminate flooring. The model number is U5496. Bought from Home Depot but the product insert says it was manufactured by Shaw. Please email me if you can help (missblank998(at)gmail.com). Thanks!

  3. I am looking for 1 box of Trafficmaster Glacier Oak. Contact me if you have any leftovers please. Email me: paramonn@aol.com

    Thank You.

  4. I need 6 boxes of Traffic Master, Hampton Collection, Honey Oak laminate flooring. Need to replace a portion of the floor due to refrigerator leak. Any help please?



  5. My basement recently flooded and I need to replace a section of flooring covering an area 12X12. I need Glacier Oaks Sku # 195982. If any one has this item then it will be greatly appreciated.


  6. My basement recently flooded and I need to replace a section of flooring covering an area 12X12. I need Glacier Oaks Sku # 195982. If any one has this item then it will be greatly appreciated. My email is dterry7@hotmail.com


  7. I need 2 boxes of Trafficmaster Verona. PLEASE!

    Thank you in advance for your response.


  8. Craig Dorsey says:

    Need one box of Pergo Brazilwood select. Please contact me at aamedia@comcast.net


  9. In need of 6 boxes of Traffic Master Original Tuscan Cherry. Any help is appreciated!

  10. Help. I need at lease 2-3 boxes of Avalon Oak (SKU610-300). Any help out there?


  11. lisa hoyle says:

    I need 6 planks of albany oak or avalon oak-both work well together

  12. I have 8+ boxes of TrafficMaster Toast Oak Natural 704. Dallas area. ray_po@yahoo.com

  13. Rita Taunton says:

    Need TrafficMaster – Dark Red Oak Laminate Flooring

  14. Catherine Petrone says:

    I need 2 boxes of Trafficmaster Heritage Bamboo Natural vertical flooring

  15. I need 6 boxes of hAMPTON CLASSIC OAK if anyone can help please let me know.

  16. I am in need of 6 boxes of hampton classic oak. if anyone can help please let me know. thankyou

  17. Kristen Gouin says:

    I need the Traffic Master Albany Oak. Please email me and let me know if you have any extra: krisnbri04@aol.com

  18. I’m DESPERATE!!! I am looking for six planks or one box of Trafficmaster Classic Oak- 7.86″ x 47.56″ x 5/16″.
    Home Depot sold this, manufactured by Shaw under the Trafficmaster name. I need this desperately!


  19. I have two boxes of Trafficmaster Oak Cordoba purchased from Home Depot. I believe that each box has 9 planks.

    SKU 640 217

    If you are interested please contact me at astoria.queens@gmail.com

  20. I have TrafficMaster Glacier Oak, Glueless Laminate Flooring. 16 unopened cartons with 10 planks/carton.
    SKU: 195 982. Located in Palm Springs, CA. $25/carton plus shipping or $350/for all 16 cartons plus shipping. Preference to buyers for all 16 cartons and to buyers who can pick usp. Todd: twkgnb@earthlink.net

  21. I am looking for TrafficMaster original Valley Oak.
    Please contact me at itslael@sbcglobal.net

    Thank you!!

  22. Howard Lawrence says:

    1 box of Traffic Master Original Hampton Oak Glueless Laminate Flooring is needed. Please contact me at howardl@inreach.com

  23. I need 1 box of Albany Oak Trafficmaster #sku998-551 does anyone have any. If no one has any to sell me then I may have 1 and 1/2 boxes available.

  24. I forgot E-mail address uturns44@yahoo.com

  25. I need 2 or 3 boxes of TrafficMaster Classic Oak to finish a project. Please email me a mgreiph@gamil.com

    Thank you.

  26. Correct to the previous email address – correct one is mgreiph@gmail.com

  27. I have 8 cartons of Avalon Oak Trafficmaster in Michigan, willing to ship if you pay shipping, $25/carton.

  28. I have 8 cartons of Avalon Oak Trafficmaster in Michigan, willing to ship if you pay shipping, $25/carton.



  30. I will take the boxes of cherry verbano offered by C Abare
    please contact me at dmoore315@comcast.net


  31. I need 2 boxes of Traficmaster Brookemere Oak. Will pay for shipping.

  32. I have 6 planks of Traffic Master Hamilton Oak and need either 362sq.ft. of Hamilton Oak or Savannah Oak. My kitchen is between the family room in Hamilton Oak and the living/dining room in Savannah oak. One is more yellow than the other but either will do. Do you think I should go a totally way off color like cherry so it doesn’t look like I tried to match and couldn’t, or try to match one or the other? We used leftovers from both to do our daughters room and they blend together very well.

  33. Marty Greiph says:


    I need 3 boxes of Traffic Master Hampton Classic Oak to finish a room. Originally purchased from Home Depot before they discontinued.

    Please contact me at mgreiph@gmail.com. I will pay shipping and product cost.


  34. how do i know what color i have cant find it anywere

  35. I am looking for Brasilia glueless laminate flooring from home depot. I am looking for 5 boxes.

  36. I need at least 4 boxes of Traffic Master Original Serenity Oak in Gunstock Finish. If anyone can help I’d really appreciate it. jackndahouse@yahoo.com

  37. I need at least 4 boxes of Traffic Master Original Serenity Oak in Gunstock Finish. If anyone can help I’d really appreciate it. jackndahouse@yahoo.com

    dimensions: 26.16Sqft/carton size: 0.32″x 3″x 35.5″ (8x75x900mm)

    barcode on box reads 6 937563 600047

    a relatively close color substitute is welcome but dimensions must be the same. Thanks!

  38. I need some boxes of Oak Cordoba 640 217. I purchased this at homedepot and they no longer carry it. The back of the flooring has this: OAK CORDOBA 0709 1686 A2 1596 424820 MADE IN GERMANY LW3 23,36 8. I need this as our chimney leaked water into our basement. My husband is deploying soon and I need this as soon as possible. Please email me at bellclifford@comcast.net

    Thank you

  39. I need 4 boxes of traffic master dimensions brazilian cherry glueless hardwood flooring sku 228 263. dpayne1204@aol.com

  40. Does anyone have Traffic Masters Glueless Hardwood Flooring-Toast Oak Natural #704, unilock. Please contact me @ stevidore@aol.com Thanks : )

  41. I need 3 boxes of Brazilian Cherry Glueless Laminate Flooring by TrafficMaster Dimensions. Please contact me at mccauley.05@gmail.com if you have such flooring.

  42. John Jensen says:

    i need 4 cases of the trafiic master Natural Oak laminate. U5496 – Color#108? Natural Oak.

    Please call 224-388-2374 John

  43. Patrick Mac Donald says:

    Traffic Master Glueles Laminate Flooring made in USA Commercial grade. Wester hemlock HD32 #205. I have 5 boxes each pack content 8 planks, plank Size: 7.86″ x 47.52″ x 5/16″. Sq.ft per cartoon 20.77.Give me a call 816-865-6232.

  44. I recently tiled my entire house and the TrafficMaster Hamilton Oak I have is not enough to finish off any of my other rooms. I have roughly about 100 sq ft with some end cuts that is in good shape that I am willing to sell. only interested parties should inquire and should contact me via email. buyer’s will be asked to pay shipping.

  45. charli411 @ aol.com

  46. Mark Scarangella says:

    I am looking for two boxes of TrafficMaster Toast Oak Natural 704 3 -Strip with attached backing.

  47. we are looking for Traffic master
    Gunstock finish
    Serenity oak
    engineered wood flooring
    contact @ letha_e51@yahoo.com
    thank you
    we need to find out if they still make this flooring

  48. looking for Trafficmaster original

    engineered wood flooring
    Serenity oak
    gunstock finish

  49. I have about twelve boxes of Trafficmaster Serenity oak with gunstock finish. I am willing to sell. Buyer must pay shipping. I will throw in the underlayment for free.

    Contact: aaleadawn@gmail.com

  50. I need 200 sq ft of cherry verbano laminate flooring.

  51. Brazilian Cherry Glue less Laminate flooring by TrafficMaster – I have several good planks of Brazilian Cherry left over from our floor we just pulled up due to some water damage to part of our floor. We’re going to replace it with another type floor and we still have plenty of planks left over. Let me know if you are interested.

  52. Joe Millar says:

    Hi, I am looking for 3-6 boxes of Inspirations Cavendish Cheery UPC code # 7 65894 23656 9 Bought from Home depot. Or is there a contact for Trafficmaster ? TY

  53. looking for some trafficmaster toast oak natural 704 flooring

  54. looking for trafficmaster toast oak natural 704 flooring markmortenson@hotmail.com

  55. I went out and counted how many boxes I have of Trafficmaster Serenity Oak Gunstock finish, sku # 579-242. I have twenty boxes, that equals about 525 sq. ft. They are sitting in my garage. I am in Southern California. If you are local I can meet somewhere to sell. I also have underlayment that I will add in, no charge.

  56. Joshua Short says:

    I need 2 boxes of SKU 280-704 TrafficMaster Brazilian Cherry, Glueless Hardwood Flooring.
    Thank you,

  57. Joshua Short says:

    Please contact me about your Brazililian Cherry TrafficMaster.

  58. orlando says:

    I need 3 boxes of medium red oak. Please…


  59. Debra Stromquist says:

    I am in need of 2 boxes of traffic master original solid hardwood flooring. Item # 77336. If anyone knows where I can get this I would be eternally grateful. Thanks

  60. Need two boxes of toast oak 704. Please let me know asap if you have any. Thank you.

  61. I need 1 box(9 planks) of trafficMaster Original Hamilton Oak flooring. SKU 147 115. I need this to finish floor in the kitchen. If you have a full box please email me at robgreenohio@yahoo.com.

  62. I am looking for 1-2 boxes of TrafficMaster Hamilton Oak, sku 793675. Please email miracles42@att.net if you have any you are willing to part with. Thanks!

  63. Need a couple of cartons of the cherry verbano. If you you have some e-mail me at
    kmvilhauer@comcast.net. Thx

  64. Kaleo Okazaki says:

    I am looking for trafficmaster dimension brazilian cherry flooring, i need 3 boxes….email me at kaleookazaki@yahoo.com asap thanks!

  65. I only need two planks of light bamboo flooring. Please help! Here is the home depot info:

    Trafficmaster Allure, Traditional Bamboo-Light Resilient Vinyl Plank Flooring
    Model # 7111 Internet # 100594666

    Thanks. jeannette dot mail at gmail dot com.

  66. Hi, I need some planks a box anything of Livingston Oak, and doea anyone know how to repair water damage BUBBLING,,,,,
    Helen Cape Coral

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  68. Terry Hubener says:

    I need 4 boxes of Toast Oak Natural 704 with attached backing -Traffic Master Glueless Hardwood Flooring. Any help?

  69. Robert Anderson says:

    I have 4 boxes of Traffic Master original Hamilton Oak -sku#147-115 available. rncr1@juno.com

  70. Shannon Parker says:

    I am looking for 4 boxes of traffic master glueless laminate system southern oak. Sku #257 627. Thank you!! sparker0713@hotmail.com

  71. I am looking for the Trafficmaster Sydney Eucalyptus flooring. We installed this in our kitchen a year ago and would like to extend to our living room, but of course it is not sold anywhere anymore. I need enough to cover about 200 square feet. Thank you!! You can email me at: fcso270@charter.net

  72. Jim Maderitz says:

    I am looking for Trafficmaster MRO004 Med Red Oak Strip. Does anyone know where I can buy 3 boxes? Thank you!! You can email me at: JimJaney@Zoominternet.Net

  73. Bob Brown says:

    I need at least 7 pcs. of Traffic Master “Graystone” peel and stick tile. SKU 743-360, pattern # TM373. Will buy more if need to and will pay top dollar.

  74. i am looking for Trafficmaster Med Ref Oak Strip, mod # is MRO004. If anyone knows where I can purchase 3 boxes email me at JimJaney@Zoominternet.net

  75. I totally accept what you have stated. In fact, I browsed throughout your other posts and I do think you happen to be certainly right. Congrats with this particular online site.

  76. we need a couple of boxes of traffic master 3 strip birch # 714 please email dgrove@comcast.net

  77. I am looking for 4-6 tiles of Trafficmaster Greystone TM 373 #743-360-Connecticut

  78. I need 2 planks- 1 box would be fine- of trafficMaster Original Hamilton Oak flooring. SKU 147 115 to repair a damaged area in a room in my house.
    Thanks for your help.

  79. Joan Baier says:

    I need about 5 boxes of trafficMaster Glueless Laminate Flooring Sydney Eucalyptus.

  80. Paul Nagy says:

    I have 25 tiles of Greystone 743-360

  81. Tanya Monk Bailey says:

    I need Traffic Master Estate Oak laminate flooring. Bought at Home Depot, they discontinued it. Had water problem and some of mine was ruined. Need at least 3 boxes.

  82. Tanya Monk Bailey says:

    Looking for at least three boxes of Traffic Master estate oak flooring.

  83. I have 4 unopened boxes and 1 opened box of u5496 traffic master color #108 natural oak



  86. I am looking for a minimum of 3 boxes of SKU # 737-164 cherry verbano
    glueless wood laminate flooring
    local home depot no longer carries it John 765 362 6775

  87. Arturo Morales says:

    I need 3 or 4 boxes of the TrafficMaster Red Oak Natural 700, 3- strip with attached backing.

    Home Depot no longer carries it.

  88. I need 4 or 5 boxes of 64418 Diamond wood walnut. Please let me know if you have some I can buy!

  89. I need 3 boxes of u5496 #708 warm maple. Any help with locating the product would be greatly appreciated. (559) 260-4487

  90. Amy Bourasseau says:

    I am looking for 1 box of Trafficmaster Greystone 743-360 (TM373). Does anyone have any to sell?

  91. I need 3 boxes of Diamond wood walnut 452-495, any out there?

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  96. Need one to two boxes of TrafficMaster Cherry Verbano Glueless Laminate System, 10 Planks per carton covering 26.56 sq. ft. measuring 50.59 in x 7.56 in x .28 in SKU on the box 737-164. This site looks a little out dated, but perhaps someone out there can help me understand which new color might match close enough as well. Thanks.

  97. I have for boxes of TrafficMaster Classic Oak glueless laminate flooring if anyone is interested.
    20,77 Sq.Ft. 8 planks per carton
    Planks are 7.86 x 47.56 x 5/16

    I live in Bethlehem, Pa and can be reached at 610-807-9395,,,Please no emails.

  98. bklynfrank says:

    Looking for 4 or 5 boxes of Trafficmaster ‘EstateOak’ 05HDC10065.

  99. Terry Roberts says:

    Need some Traffic Master Spice Oak Engininered Flooring

  100. Terry Roberts says:

    Need traffic master spice oak flooring

  101. Amy Guidry says:

    I need 3-4 boxes of Traffic Master Hampton Classic Oak laminate flooring. Please e-mail me if available.

  102. Hi, I’m looking for a minimum of 6 tiles – Trafficmaster Diamond Wood Walnut 12 x12 peel and stick. Please email sharonp2005@hotmail.com if you have any left overs. Thanks!

  103. Nancy Goddard says:

    Looking for trafficmaster honey oak you can email at goddard.nancy@yahoo.com.


  105. Hi ,I’m looking for one box of 12×12 peel and stick Trafficmaster verde stone (TM379). Thank you!
    Please e-mail: patches.perry@yahoo.com

  106. Need 1- box Traffic master ….original Hamilton oak. SKU 147 115 contact via e-mail at redbone4u07@yahoo.com

  107. Hello!

    I am searching for two boxes of TrafficMaster Estate Oak 05HDC10065. Please email me at clarastothers@yahoo.com if you can help. Thanks in advance!

  108. Kim/Heath says:

    Looking for TrafficMaster Glacier Oak Laminate Flooring.

  109. Looking for Traffic Master Estate Oak
    Please email pjm062@aol.com

  110. I am in desperate need of inspiration cavendish cherry!! Looking for 10+ boxes!!!!! Please help

  111. I a. In desperate need of inspiration cavendish cherry ! Looking for 10+ boxes my email is nic_melt@hotmail.com

  112. I am looking for trafficmaster classic oak. I am located in South Florida and will pick it up.

  113. I am looking for trafficmaster classic oak. Please email me at dawnandrusty@comcast.net.

  114. Hello, I have about 1400 sq. ft. of Trafficmaster Classic Oak for sale. It is used but in excellent condition. It Is being removed from my home for remodeling. I have 2 unused new boxes left over from the original install. I can attach a couple of photos if you will send me your email address. thanks, dad2099.

  115. Jack Turner says:

    Looking for at least three boxes of Traffic Master estate oak (05HDC10065) flooring .
    I am located in South Carolina

    UPC 0622149964427
    SKU 257063

  116. Tom, do you still have that Trafficmaster Classic Oak for sale? I would be interested in buying maybe just the 2 new boxes, but I might need a few of the used planks. Please contact me tazchick1484@aol.com

  117. Cara Dekens says:

    I need 2 boxes of traffic master peel and stick floor tile Greystone, TM373

  118. L Levert says:

    Looking for three (3) boxes of TrafficMaster Oak Cordoba glueless laminant flooring. Can be reached at llevert2006@aol.com.

  119. David Laycock says:

    HELP! I need one or two boxes of Trafficmaster Oak Cordoba. I am not holding out much hope……do miracles happen?

  120. i need 2-3 boxes of ESTATE OAK 05HDC10065 i’m in central california.


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