I need Trafficmaster Laminate Wood Flooring

Help, I need Trafficmaster flooring.  Do you have  5- 10  boxes of Trafficmaster laminate wood flooring?  Let me know what kind you have, color, and how many boxes below!

I purchased flooring from Home Depot. I waited to install it a few months and now I am short some boxes. Home Depot no longer carries it and they are unable to find any more boxes for me at any other stores. Do you have any remaining Trafficmaster or know where I can find some? I will be glad to pay for it and pay you for shipping the boxes

Do you need out of stock laminate flooring?  Post what you need, color, type, and how many boxes below.  Then check back often and find what you need!


  1. yvette Strickland says:

    I need 6 to 7 boxes of sydney eucalyptus-thanks

  2. Janette Allen says:

    I need 4 – 5 boxes of Trafficmaster Glueless Laminate Flooring Color: Verona—Please let me know if you can help me find this :0)

  3. Crystal Reid says:

    I need 2-3 boxes of traffic master honey oak.

  4. Andy Hosmer says:

    I am looking for a box of Trafficmaster Albany Oak laminate flooring. I need like 5 square feet more to complete a whole extra room in my house. I’m desperate on this!

  5. Meredith says:

    I am looking for 6-7 boxes of brazilian cherry Trafficmaster laminate flooring to complete
    A room!

  6. I need 4-5 boxes of Trafficmaster African Chestnut to complete my kitchen. Please advise. Thanks

  7. I need 5 to 7 boxes of glacier oak.

  8. I need 4 to 6 boxes of traffic master Renaissance glueless laminate flooring. color is a light beige with
    middle beige spots runs through it. Not quite sure the name of the color.

  9. I have 26 boxs of red oak natural 700, n i need about 15 boxs, Trafficmaster

  10. I need about 5 or 6 (or more if anyone has more) boxes of Spiced Oak wood flooring from Traffic Master…. I need them ASAP…. if anyone has some or a color that is somewhat close to Spiced Oak, please let me know.


  11. I need two boxes of Trafficmaster glueless laminate “Oak Cordoba”.

  12. Glenda Tillett says:

    I need 2 or 3 boxes of Hanover oak from Traffic Master Laminate Glueless – 8mm. Home Depot no longer carries it and I need it ASAP. Thanks

  13. I need 3 boxes of golden oak glue less laminate flooring ASAP! If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

  14. Tiffany Cramer says:

    Need 2-4 boxes of Traffic Master Legacy TOAST OAK NATURAL 704 3-strip w/ Attached Backing

    Happy to pay reasonable cost + shipping/handling.

    Flood in house and need to replace small part of hallway. Looking at a few hundred dollar job versus six thousand to replace entire floor YICKES. Can’t believe how difficult this is to find replacement flooring!

  15. I need 4 boxes of Trafficmaster Raintree Acacia

  16. I need 2-3 boxes of Trafficmaster New Ellington Hickory laminate flooring. Thanks so much!!!

  17. Randy Gundrum says:

    I need just a box or 2 of trafficmaster hamilton oak snap together. SKU is 793-675. Thank you!!!

  18. I need 1 box of traffic master Raintree acacia laminate flooring l am 4 to 5 pcs short. Anyone have a box to sell?

  19. Barry Bodden says:

    I’m in need of 4 boxes of Trafficmaster Dark Red Oak ‘glueless laminate flooring’. I’m located in St. Petersburg Florida and would be happy to pay all costs plus shipping. Hope someone can help.

  20. Heather L Patterson says:

    I need 10 boxes of traffic master valley oak flooring ?

  21. Toni Petersen says:

    I need 1 box of Ainsley oak traffic master flooring

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