I Need Trafficmaster Flooring

I am looking for Trafficmaster is something I hear on this flooring website hundreds of times each week. Trafficmaster Allure Review and Picture It seems that Home Depot regularly closes our their various types of Trafficmaster and bring in other colors.

The problem with Home Depot switching what they carry is when people start a floor and then aren’t able to finish it immediately. When they get close to finish it they notice they didn’t get enough boxes of Trafficmaster from the store.

The happy installer heads back to Home Depot to pick up a few boxes to complete their floor installation. When they arrive at the store they are smacked with the reality they can’t get the color of flooring that they have already installed 90%!! Well, Home Depot says to call around to other stores, but they have no luck. They are sold out everywhere!

What do you do? Well post what you need below. If you have some leftovers let people know what sku, and color of Home Depot Trafficmaster you have.

We can help each other find the Trafficmaster flooring type you need. Check the links above and below for other ways to get the Trafficmaster laminate flooring you need.

TrafficMaster – Oak Laminate Flooring

Find the Trafficmaster that You Need!!

TrafficMaster Original – Classic Oak Laminate Flooring This laminate wood flooring installs easily over virtually any existing surface without the use of glue. It’s easy to maintain and carries a 25 Year Warranty.
Great price for a laminate flooring at Home Depot and other retailers. Check the laminate flooring links above and to the side for great deals on laminate flooring.

TrafficMaster Original is definitely a top seller. Check out the links above and on teh side for great deals on TrafficMaster Laminate Flooring.

If you are looking for discontinued Trafficmaster the links above may be of help in finding it.

Traffic Master also spelled Trafficmaster and trafficmastre is a popular flooring that has been sold at Home Depot. Find Trafficmaster at the links above.

Find the Trafficmaster that You Need!!

Trafficmaster Allure Commercial Diamond Plate Graphite Vinyl Flooring

Trafficmaster Allure Commercial Diamond Plate Graphite Vinyl Flooring

Choose from a variety of colors and textures designed for both commercial and residential use. Lay allure directly over your old flooring. Virtually no surface preparation is needed. With Trafficmaster’s patented GripStrip process you just lay the allure tiles down and secure them together easily with no messy adhesive required.

The planks stick to each other, not to your floor, and they were designed for easy handling. Durable, waterproof, ice, heat, and road salt resistant allure Commercial can be used in most rooms, including garages, basements, restaurants, offices, and studios.

Trafficmaster Allure Commercial Diamond Plate Graphite Vinyl Flooring details:

  • Diamond Plate Graphite Pattern
  • Super durable and completely waterproof
  • Unique interlocking-edge design for simple installation
  • Ice, heat, and road salt resistant

Looking for Discontinued Home Depot Flooring

Are you looking for flooring that was discontinued by Home Depot?  You have found it by coming here.  We can help you locate the flooring you need to finish that DIY (Do Trafficmaster-discontinuedIt Yourself) flooring  job.

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Do you have extra flooring by Trafficmaster or other brands sold at Home Depot? Post the type and amount that you have below.

If you are searching for hard to find and discontinued flooring sold in the past by Home Depot then you are at the right site. Post what you need and the amount below, and someone will work hard to get what you need.

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Where Can I Find 4 boxes of Traffic Master Original

Find Trafficmaster Flooring
Find Trafficmaster Flooring FXI am looking for up to 4 boxes of Traffic Master Original Medium Red Oak flooring (MRO004) Even one box would be helpful! Thanks.

I bought 34 Trafficmaster boxes  for the floors in my kitchen and living room.  I waited almost 3 months to begin the installation of the flooring (tough to really start a project, isn’t it?).  When I did the install, I noticed that my calculation was wrong as I needed 4-5 more boxes.

If I had known this before I would have been more careful with the scrap cutting and used as much as possible.  Well hindsight is 20/20, right?

This floor is beautiful and I highly recommend it, but when you buy it buy more boxes than you need.  Home Depot goes through this stuff super quick and when they are out, they are out.  I got stuck, be careful yourself.

Please let me know below or email me directly at lkmoore96 at   hotmail