Looking for Discontinued Home Depot Flooring

Are you looking for flooring that was discontinued by Home Depot?  You have found it by coming here.  We can help you locate the flooring you need to finish that DIY (Do Trafficmaster-discontinuedIt Yourself) flooring  job.

If you are looking for discontinued and hard to find residential, commercial, and outdoor flooring options then FlooringFX.com is the site for you to help located it and get it delivered to your home or office.

Do you have extra flooring by Trafficmaster or other brands sold at Home Depot? Post the type and amount that you have below.

If you are searching for hard to find and discontinued flooring sold in the past by Home Depot then you are at the right site. Post what you need and the amount below, and someone will work hard to get what you need.

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  1. Cathy Cheng says:

    I needs 2 boxes ( Around 15 pcs.) of Traffic Master Biltmore Oak Laminate Flooring . Somebody do have some leftover please advise.

  2. If it is possible to get a hold of TrafficMaster Rio glueless laminate flooring, please email me to let me know how to do so. Thanks much!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I’m looking for traffic master Sonora maple flooring. Anyone have any?

  4. Scott Morehead says:

    looking for 4 boxes of traffic master benson oak glueless lamanite .


  5. Mark Thomas says:

    Looking for 350 ft.² of Baytown Oak flooring by Traffic Master–discontinued at Home Depot

  6. Anyone have 3 boxes of traffic aster med red oak finish they want to sell?

  7. Looking for 1-2 boxes of Trafficmaster sarasota oak glueless laminate floor.
    Sku 627671
    Email or call
    Willing to pay for shipping!

  8. I am looking for 4-5 box of Traffic Master Hanover Oak that has been discontinued by Home Depot. Please help!

  9. Maureen larsen says:

    Need 2 boxes Albany Oak Laminate by Trafficmaster

  10. Looking for one box of Renaissance-noce stone , 31.41 sf, sold by Home Depot. Their sku number was 144-849. This is laminate flooring made by Shaw for Home Depot. Thanks for any help.

  11. Need one box of Legacy Red Oak Natural laminate flooring, made by Shaw for Home Depot.

  12. Thomas Mongan says:

    I need two boxes of Traffic Master Baytown Oak HL704
    Please contact me 312-459-4148


  13. Robert Lujan says:

    Looking for about 3-4 boxes of traffic master Sonora maple. If anyone can help or have any on hand. Very interested. Robertlujan71@yahoo.com. Please email me if available and price. I’m in California.

  14. john sawyer says:

    I need 4 boxes of Brasilia. SKU 839547. There is another number on the box TC9909N.

  15. Joseph Sanchez says:

    I need one box of TrafficMaster Estate Cherry Laminate Flooring that used to be sold by Home Depot. Three numbers I have are 857163 and EM000716 and LF000102

  16. John Sawyer says:

    I am looking for 5 boxes of Brasilia SKU 839547. I am doing a remodel and don’t want to put in all new floor, just fill in gaps created by the remodel (removing cabinets, wall, etc.)

  17. I just need 2 pieces of the medium red oak strip for a repair and live in Naperville outside of Chicago

    Please let me know if anyone has two extra boards. Thanks in advance..



  18. I am looking for 100 sq ft of Baytown Oak Laminated flooring in New Jersey Please contact at ssavage@npsdnj.org. thank you

  19. Clayton Jackson says:

    I have 6 boxes of Brasilia sku #839 547 that i need to sell asap. located in Lincoln Ne..


    Clayton J.

  20. Deval Zarkowski says:

    I am looking for 4 boxes of Trafficmaster glueless laminate Sydney Eucalyptus flooring. I am trying to finish a floor and am a few boxes short. I believe Shaw also so this as the color tropicana.

  21. Ashley Gutowski says:

    To Mark Thomas:

    Are you still looking for Baytown Oak? I have 15 unopened boxes and 1 full but opened box (we were trying to find a match). Contact me @ash.gutowski@gmail.com if you are interested.

  22. looking for four boxes of traffic master parquet flooring in Beech.

  23. Mallory Self says:


  24. Scott S says:

    Looking for extra boxes of Bensom Oak Laminate Flooring for a remodel? If you have any, would be interested in purchasing from you.

  25. Geoffrey H. says:

    I’m looking for 7 boxes of Traffic master Benson oak flooring? Please shot me a email to let me now if you have any.

  26. Geoffrey H. says:
  27. I am looking for Trafficmaster Hanover Oak laminate flooring. Dont need much. 1-2 boxes would finish my project.

  28. I am looking for 3 boxes of Traffic Master Sonora Maple laminate flooring that has been discontinued by Home Depot. If anyone has any or knows where I can get it. Please email me. Thank you much!

  29. David Martinez says:

    Looking for 6 boxes of Sonora Maple Traffic Master Laminate Flooring

  30. Rich Sundance says:

    I am looking for 3 boxes of Nolan Oak, pulled
    From the shelves at Home Depot and I can’t
    Locate a single piece, can anyone help?

  31. Rich Sundance says:

    Contact me at Richsundance@comcast.net

  32. Rich Sundance says:
  33. looking for a few boxes of traffic master flooring raintree acacia. can you please help?

  34. Trevor Robertson says:

    I have 40 boxes of Trafficmaster Beech Parquet flooring. My yahoo email address is pay_it_back

  35. jan moore says:

    I need to find2 boxes of 7mm tm benson oak laminate flooring thank you

  36. We need Sonora Maple (3 boxes.)

  37. Kashane Clausen says:

    I’m looking for as many boxes of Allentown Hickory that I can get.

  38. Looking for 7 boxes TrafficMASTER   Sonora Maple 
    Email nschultz0312@gmail.com

  39. Guillaume says:

    I am looking for 3 boxes of Traffic Master Laurentian Cherry laminate flooring that has been discontinued by Home Depot. If anyone has any or knows where I can get it. Please email me. Thanks a lot!

  40. I am in need of laminate flooring brasilia glueless sku 839 547

  41. I have pictures of the flooring that I need but not the name. What should I do?

  42. Looking for 1 to 2 boxes of Pergo Estate Cherry LF 000102 flooring. Trying to finish our offices with our extra boxes we have but are short about 1 to 2 boxes.

  43. looking for 4 boxes of trafficmaster nolan oak

  44. I would like to get 500 sq ft of “Brasilia Glueless Laminate Flooring” SKU 839-547.

  45. Frank, I have 4 boxes of traffic master Brasilia glue less laminate flooring

  46. I have 5 boxes of 857 163 estate cherry (10 planks per box covering 25.41 sq. ft). Located in LA for pick up, can ship if all shipping charges are covered. triumph@gmail.com for more info.

  47. Looking for 2 boxes of Pergo Estate Oak #257063. Thank you.

  48. Looking for 90 square feet of Home Depot Pergo presto beech blocked laminate flooring

  49. I’m looking for 2 boxes of Pergo Estate Cherry Laminate flooring. UPC 604743004037

  50. Rickie luke says:

    Any available Brasilia laminate flooring, SKU 839-547?

  51. Jennifer says:

    Does anyone have any Estate Cherry LF000102 laminate flooring left over??

  52. Vicky Dittman says:

    Seeking 3-4 boxes of HANOVER OAK 07800 pergo

  53. Vicky Dittman says:

    Seeking 3-4 boxes of HANOVER OAK 07800 pergo.
    Pls email me.

  54. Ralf Larsen says:

    HELP – Flood damage… Need 2 bx Pergo Presto Gunstock

  55. Jim Shine says:

    I have four left over boxes of Traffic Master Nolan Oak. 25.43 sq ft per box

  56. Susan Hungerford says:

    I am looking for 4-5 boxes of Pergo Presto beech blocked laminate flooring. I am in NJ

  57. Gerald Walis says:

    I am in need of a box of Trafficmaster Estate Cherry Flooring to complete a renovation. Willing to pay top dollar and shipping.

  58. pam delcollo says:

    I am looking to extend flooring into another room. Need Armstrong Natural Creations vinyl planks. Color is Weathered Oak Golden. Lot JK-9255. Pattern # FP tp029891 8″ x 36″ pcs. Purchased originally at Home Depot 6 yes ago.

  59. Looking for for trafficmaster Brasilia need 2 boxes

  60. Pergo Presto Whiteall Pine – (4) boxes for approximately 80 sq ft. Home Depot discontinued within the last year & we’re in need for a kitchen remodel very soon. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  61. I need 10 boxes of new Trafficmaster estate cherry laminate flooring 857163. Need them to repair an existing floor. If anyone knows of anyone who has this for sale please repond to my email smgarel@aol.com or call 302 383-6545.

  62. I need 10 boxes of new Trafficmaster estate cherry LF000102 laminate flooring 857163. Need them to repair an existing floor. If anyone knows of anyone who has this for sale please repond to my email smgarel@aol.com or call 302 383-6545.

  63. I need two boxes of traffic master Benson Oak laminate flooring.

  64. Looking for 2 boxes of Trafficmaster Sonora Maple. Hopefully in the western Chicago suburbs.

  65. I am looking for a box or some planks of Home Legend Azure cork floor that Home Depot used to sell. Item numbers Model # HL9309AN Internet #100671339 Store SO SKU #819390

  66. I have several waterlogged pergo planks I need to replace. The problem is I have no idea what the sku or style is – and I’m pretty sure it’s been discontinued. None of the styles at Home Depot match and I can’t find anything that looks like a match online. Can anyone tell me if there’s a resource that can give me an idea what the style or sku is by looking at a sample plank? Even if it’s been discontinued, having the proper name will give me a starting place to look on Craig’s list/ebay etc.

  67. Robert Cooper says:

    Looking for 2 boxes of Estate Cherry LF000102 that was sold at Home Depot.

  68. Trevor Mill says:

    I need (2) boxes of Trafficmaster Nolan Oak 7mm flooring….anyone??


  69. Hi I need 2 box of estate cherry pls contact me lauras6565@aim.com in Cleveland oh

  70. Correction 1 box all estate cherry

  71. Looking for trafficmaster deluxe.
    Pattern no- 62331

  72. Dennis Charter says:

    Don’t know who made the laminate flooring in the home I am I. have pics for color. I know it is 3 1/2 inches wide and 12mm thick with the rubber backing. The grove side is at the bottom has a tongue that sticks out 5mm that the opposing side laps on top of as a 1mm tongue inserts in to the grove. there are 3 different lengths 47 1/2, 31 3/4 and 15 3/4. I know it was put in 7 to 10 years ago. Does it sound like a size board that Home Depot sold.

  73. Shannon Miles says:

    Jim Shine…
    Do you still have the Nolan Oak??
    I would love to buy it!!
    Contact me please. miles9222@msn.com

  74. I need 12 boxes of Trafficmaster Hanover Oak laminate flooring to match my other bedrooms

  75. Michelle McLaughlin says:

    Looking for Pergo Presto Salem Oak several boxes

  76. Looking for 2-3 boxes Pergo Whitewash Pine laminate #0119781 contact Pat at donpatschatz@aol.com or 978-895-0719

  77. Neil Kennedy says:

    Looking for Pergo Presto Kensington Cherry Model 04702 – 2-3 boxes. Contact Neil at 508-533-5340 or nkennedy@centralmasspfc.org

  78. amie Crenshaw says:

    looking for an old home depot product, need 2 boxes. i think the name was click n something? bought it about 12 years ago . name was something brazilian? not sure of name? please help. i can send a picture if needed. thanks amie

  79. amie Crenshaw says:

    amie 951 453-8252

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