Trafficmaster Allure Resilient Flooring Review

I installed Trafficmaster Allure a week ago in my master bedroom of my third-floor condo (over concrete). Right away you smell a chemical-type odor, which I assumed was just from the adhesive — thinking it would go away after installation. Even with the windows open, in relatively low humidity and 70 degree temperatures, the odor is pretty nauseating that I’ve been unable to sleep in my room as of yet, and I hate even going in there quickly to get something — that’s how awful the odor is. If it doesn’t go away soon, I’m going to have to pull it out, throw the $450 I paid for it down the drain, and just install carpet.

It does look good, and it was simple to install the pieces that didn’t require cutting; the other pieces were extremely tough to cut around door jambs, etc, using only a utility knife. If I would have known just how tough, I would have bought a tin-snipping tool or some other scissor-type tool for harder materials. I really hope the bad smell goes away!!!”

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