TrafficMaster – Oak Laminate Flooring

Find the Trafficmaster that You Need!!

TrafficMaster Original – Classic Oak Laminate Flooring This laminate wood flooring installs easily over virtually any existing surface without the use of glue. It’s easy to maintain and carries a 25 Year Warranty.
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TrafficMaster Original is definitely a top seller. Check out the links above and on teh side for great deals on TrafficMaster Laminate Flooring.

If you are looking for discontinued Trafficmaster the links above may be of help in finding it.

Traffic Master also spelled Trafficmaster and trafficmastre is a popular flooring that has been sold at Home Depot. Find Trafficmaster at the links above.

Find the Trafficmaster that You Need!!


  1. Thomas McNichol says:

    I am trying to find traficmaster Classic Oak. Home Depot no longer carries it can you help ?

  2. I will keep my eyes open. I would contact other Home Depots to see if they have any sitting around.

  3. mike comtois says:

    i am asking this question about your traffic master, sarasota oak. i am having problems w/ the seams. they are coming apart i am asking if this kind of flooring is the flooring w/ the water activated glue needed to keep the seams together. this is the first time i use this product and i am having this problem any advise on fixing this problem will be greatful thank you.

  4. With Trafficmaster laminates you do not need glue. I have had seen one floor that did not gold together tight before and it was due to the edge being worn in some places. We tried with some glue and wedges to hold it in place better.

    Give this a try and tell us what the outcome is when you are done.

  5. bob lewis says:

    i need a 6 foot tmolding to separate carpe from the laminate flooring…hamilton oak…home depot only carries 4ft sections…help

  6. I am also looking for classic oak TrafficMaster to replace a section of my floor. I have contacted 5 area Home Depots and they do not have any old stock left. Does anyone have other contact info for TrafficMaster flooring? Thank you!

  7. poringmonger says:

    The Home Depot at Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack, NY has some Classic Oak.

  8. David Denson says:

    I have Honey Oak, Biltmore Oak, and Classic Oak my email is I got them on a Closeout basis

  9. David Denson says:

    I have Honey Oak, Classic Oak, and Biltmore Oak my email address is I got them on a closeout basis.

  10. Danielle Reid says:

    I ordered the traffic master hamiliton oak on Jan. 10 from our local home depot. they said they would be getting more from the manufacturer, but this has been 5 weeks. they keep telling me that the truck is coming but nothing ever comes. Can you tell me if traffic master hamilton oak is a discontinued product. thanks Home Depot took my money, but I feel that they are giving me the run-around.

  11. i just purchased 55 boxes of classic oak today from home depot in rocky river ohio for 19.73 a box they still have like 20 boxes left

  12. Chuck Evans says:

    I bought Sarasoto flooring and am having trouble putting the pieces together.The seems don’t want to snap together any suggestions? I tried piece by piece then row by row,still hard to do. HELP I bought 1200 put down….

  13. I am trying to find trafficmaster Oak Cordoba about 3 boxes to finish a room. Home Depot no longer carries it can you help ?

  14. ATLMom – It is definitely getting harder to find. Keep calling around. Home Depots are finding it every now and then.

    Also keep posted to because others may find some for you.

  15. ATLMom~

    called all the Home Depot’s in a 30 mile radius and no one has any. the style has been discontinued and was priced for clearance so once a store sells out there is no chance to get any more. There is a Pergo brand laminated in Walnut which is almost an identical match but is $2.49 a square foot and I’m not sure if it will lock together but you can go to your Home Depot and try it out.


  17. ATLMom, I just finished a room with oak cordoba, and I have 2 cases left over.

  18. I need 1 to 2 boxes of Tafficmaster – Tuscan Cherry – in order to repair my exisitng floor.

  19. Kim Minasalli says:

    I bought enough flooring to do 3 rooms of Verona trafficmaster, I am very dissappointed that the floor scratches so easy and is very hard to keep clean. Is there any special cleaning product to use that cleans and hides the scratches?

  20. Kim~

    was also surprised that floor does scratch but not really that easily. there must be a sharp edge sticking out from something causing a small snag. I have 4 children, a dog and a cat and have found very minimal scratching. I have noticed from certain angles a very minimal surface “line” which if you feel it does not even really have a groove to it. You can cover this in a couple ways…use moist coffee grounds and rub into the scratch. This method covers the area in question unevenly and thus gives a natural look and varied wood tones. You can also use lemon oil or Old English Scratch Coat which comes is a variety of colors. Beware though…both are oily and make your floor slippery. You will also need to lightly wipe and buff the area so it doesn’t show so much should you choose to use the oil. You can prevent scratching by buying the felt pads from any hardware store and applying to the bottom of your furniture! Hope this helps you out!!

  21. Michelle Anne Ware says:

    I am completely re-doing my kitchen. I heard from a friend that you cannot put the Trafficmaster flooring, which I just bought 16 boxes of, under cabinets. We have not yet installed the base cabinets. It it true that i have to have them installed first, and then lay the flooring? Please help.

  22. Looking for Traffic MAster Oak Cordoba Laminate Flooring – does anyone have any extra boxes ?

  23. I am looking for TRaffic Master Oak Cordoba Laminate flooring – does anyone have any extra boxes or know where to get ?


  25. To: #85 I do have 2 Boxes of Oak Cordoba left over from

    a project I had

  26. I have

    a Trafficmaster glueless laminate floor. It is the Hampton Honey oak lot 150.

    Where can I find more of this

  27. Marc Esser says:

    I bought several boxes of honey oak about a year ago and just got around to finishing the

    project,but figured out I was 2 boxes short.I went to home depot and purchased 2 more within the range of my old

    colour.The problem here is that the new material is thinner not as wide and has a different locking mechanism.Any chance

    you know where to obtain two matching boxes or something close .

  28. I have two boxes(20.77 SqFt/Carton) of Hampton Classic Oak. I am

    interested in locating more carton’s. If unsuccessful, I am willing to sell.

  29. I have two cartons (20.77sq.ft)of Hampton Classic Oak lot 200. I would like to find

    more or would make these available to someone if interested.

  30. Carl Rich says:

    I am looking for 13 boxes

    of Traffic Master Honey Oak. Anyone have that much or know where I can get it? Is there no other dealer than Home


  31. What kind of laminate floor cleaners and or polishers do you recommend. I want to get a nice shine but I do not know which products I can use for this. Please let me know. isabella

  32. Hello, need some help finding trafficmaster Tuscan Cherry.
    I live in Raleigh NC if anyone one has extras.


  33. Kim Thornton says:

    I am desperatly searching for boxes of Traffic Master Oak Cordoba. Our living room flooded. Half the floor was lost, need more to replace the damaged boards so we dont have to replace the entire floor. have tried home depots in 4 states and cant find any. If any one has any out there please let me know!!! :o)

  34. I’m in the Brooklyn, NY area (in Williamsburg), and trying to locate a store that carries TrafficMaster wood flooring. The local Home Depots don’t carry this. I need about 650 square feet or so. Anyone know where I can get this?

  35. Jeff Rawles says:

    I have 5 boxes of Tuscan cherry traffic master laminate floor left over in San Diego, CA for 100 bucks

  36. Jeff Rawles says:

    oh here is my email

  37. Faith Townsend says:

    I installed the traffic master laminate flooring sole by Home Depot and had

    a very minor spill. This stuff is worping already and I haven’t finished the trim. Only install 1 month. I am very

    unhappy. I was told at Home Depot to use a clear silicon to seal the cracks which I was very successful with during

    installation. It looked great until the spill. Did I miss a step?

  38. Bob,
    #40….do you still have the two boxes of oak cordoba?

  39. Searching for

    TrafficMaster Livingston Oak–DESPERATE! Am just about 5 boxes short. Anyone know where I might have some luck? Thanks so


  40. I am trying to find a cherry laminate flooring. I do not know the brand name or the maker. I kmow that the product number is 1822. It is a 2 strip type desing. If anyone can help please let me know. Also is there a place to buy discontinued laminate. I think maybe it has been discontinued. THanks for any hits

  41. I’m looking for 1 to 2 boxes of Traffic Master Dresden Steel -Peel and Stick tile.I bought from Home Depot and they said its discontinued.Trying to finish project.

  42. I’m looking for 1 to 2 boxes of Traffic Master Dresden Steel Peel and Stick tile.I bought from Home Depot and they said its discontinued.Trying to finish project.

  43. Andy Schink says:


    I have TrafficMaster’s Honey Oak floor, and either NEED 5 boxes or will SELL the

    current 5 boxes I have. Please email me at or call me at 412.302.7002 to discuss the



  44. I had

    traffic master laminate flooring red oak and was very satisfied with. I just lost it with flooding – it was very demaged.

    I would like to buy it again just can not find it. Home Depot dosen’t sell it anymore. If you know some other store close

    to Atlanta, please, let me know. Many tanks.

  45. June Miller says:

    I hope that question did not go thru yet because i

    did not finish. Anyway,do i need to put a sealant on the parquet hardwood floor? It is finished but the care

    instructions are so restrictive that i would think so. no water what so ever you can not even mix halloway house

    cleanser which is really good stuff. that requires a bit of water. so if i need to put a sealant on what kind would you

    recommend? Nothing intense ordorless would be great. thanks hope i got the right site this time! 😉

  46. Paul Roper says:

    I’m looking for Traffic Master Toas Oak 704 to finish a project. I need 10 boxes or 160 sq. ft. If you can

    help, please call me at 303-579-9087 or email me at

  47. Well, i have been trying to find so i was told that Traffic Master is not the

    manufacturer of my parquet wood flooring but the package says Traffic Master. so i called Home Depot and Traffic Master

    and got nowhere except one guy Tony was able to give me some advice. Is there really a trafficmaster????? I am beginning

    to wonder. good luck you guys up there who are looking for assistance. I am still searching the internet… where are u


  48. michelle says:

    does anyone know where i can get the trafficmaster alx dresden steel vinyl tile

  49. The Home Depot in Biloxi, MS has livingston Oak if any of you are still looking.

    We are

    looking for Hampton Classic Oak …. any ideas?

  50. Tiffany says:

    Livingston Oak can be found at the

    Home Depot in Biloxi, MS.

    We are looking for 4 boxes of the Hampton Classic Oak. Please e-mail me @ if you have any ideas or post here. I will try to check back regularly.

  51. Hi I want t/m oak cordoba

    about350 sf. how much and how long? pls contact me thank you

  52. i live in arizona and looking for hampton classic oak anyone able to help?

  53. help need about 40sq ft of t/m classic oak any help out there contact me asap, thanx

  54. terry bryant says:

    I need two boxes of tuscan

    cherry traffic master laminate flooring is there anybody out there that can help me. Thank you

  55. We just installed the Glueless

    Laminate sold at Home Depot. Traffic Master. I hate this stuff. It shows everything and does not wipe clean with just a

    damp soft cloth. I want to make it shin and protect it from minor drips but I read that you can not wax or polish it.

    Does anyone know of a laminate shine protective coat that I can safely use on this flooring????

  56. Is this flooring ok to use in a kitchen with chairs that have rollers on them. Will

    put differeent feet on chairs but really like the rollers. We need to re-do our kitchen floor but doing some research


  57. I have three boxes (60 sq.ft) of TrafficMaster, Biltmore, Oak. Contact me @

  58. Also looking for 2, maybe three

    pieces of Cordoba Oak Traffic Master flooring. Boston area…


  59. We had purchased trafficmaster avalon oak and are looking for more boxes to finish our project. Can not get it

    from our local Home Depot


  61. I’m looking for 4-6 boxes of Trafficmaster Red Oak Natural 700? Need more to finish a project that grew!
    SKU# 6589416449

  62. Stanley Dzielinski says:

    Looking for 1 box Red Oak Natural 700 3 Strips with attached backing to

    finish a floorsku765894164497
    this style is no longer available at the local home depoy

  63. Classic Oak says:

    I need a couple of boxes of TrafficMaster Original Classic Oak. Any help would be appreciated. If you need

    Hamilton Oak, I have three boxes I am taking back to the Home Depot in Granbury, Texas.
    Cell 254-592-5010

  64. I have been searching for Trafficmaster Red Oak Natural 700 3-Strip (w/attached backing)for the room expansion. Trouble trying to make due w/another brand is the 7/16″ thickness / I can’t seem to locate the Manufacturer to get help finding there leftover inventory. Home Depot SKU:7-65894-16449-7 and I need 12 boxes.

  65. linda journet says:

    I am looking for

    Trafficmaster Avalon Oak which was purchased from Home Depot. If anyone has any or know where I can find please let me


  66. Ken Jardin says:

    I need Trafficmaster Original Hamilton Oak to finish a job I started a year ago. I need about 200

    sq. ft.
    Does anybody know where I can find it?

  67. I have 5 unopened and 2 opened

    boxes of Trafficmaster Red Oak Natural 700 3 strip (w/ attached backing, since I couldn’t find 4 other boxes I plan to

    sell, please let me know your offers, I live at zip 83204.

  68. We just purchased Trafficmaster Original on sale at Home Depot. The

    instructions in the box give instructions for glue down, but none for a floating floor. The tongue and groove is narrow

    and is not a snap together. Can it be installed without glue, and if so any suggestions on the best way. We bought enough

    for 800 square feet and hate to abandon the project, but the description of glue down sounds rather daunting for a

    non-professional. Any help and suggestions greatly appreciated.

  69. Help, I need 2 boxes of Sarasota Oak-traffic master please contact me if you have some

    you what to get rid of.

  70. Looking for

    TrafficMaster Travertine Light. Please let me know if you might have any extra boxes.

  71. Valerie Butler says:

    I too have been having problems trying to find additional boxes as well. I am looking for some

    additional boxes of the baltic oak. Home Depot never mentioned to me that this name brand would be discontinued. That’s

    no way to do business.

  72. I

    need Boxes of classic oak bad I bought a salon and when I ripped walls down the floors are now missing pieces where the

    studs were. So I wen to the famous home Depot and NO MORE AHHHHHH what am I to do I only need like 3 boxes. My email is

  73. traffic master classic oak

  74. We have installed the trafficmaster allure flooring back in April. Soon

    afterwards we started seeing areas where the seams were lifting. We have tried reapplying pressure, even using a 100#

    roller, but still the seams lift. It seems like the installation instructions provided as well as product description and

    recommendation for use are not very thorough, and leave the consumer vulnerable regarding the warranty. NOT A HAPPY

    CUSTOMER!! Would NOT recommend this product. I have seen on other blogs where other people have had this same problem


  75. Threseholds sold at store are

    for the thicker wooden plank flooring, way to thick a gap for the Traffic Master rubberized flooring, what do you use to

    transition from carpet to traffic master and from outside doors to traffic master

  76. Alice Brokofsky says:

    Need 3 addition boxes of Oak Cordoba. Can anyone help!

  77. Donald Nitzke says:

    I am in terrible need of two boxes of “Traffic Master Classic Oak”. It is the original laminate that Home

    Depot sells. (used to sell) I have done all the searching I can do. There are apparently two possibly three different

    sizes. I need the 7.86″ x 47.56″ x 5/16″. I have just remodled the kitchen and living room for my wife and I was repairing

    the floor as I went…. I am out and I cannot find it anywhere… can anyone help. I live in Silverdale Wa. EMAIL… Thanks everyone and good luck with your flooring!

  78. Lisa Heidler says:

    i have been trying to buy more classic oak flooring. We went to home depot and they

    are not selling it anymore. Please let me know where i can purchase more flooring.

  79. Sunita Gupta says:

    I am looking for traffic master -beach blocked since I have that in my

    kitchen. I called 5 home depots they no longer have it and are not ready ot take a special order. Please help!!!

  80. Still have two boxes of classic oak for sale.

  81. Donald Nitzke says:

    Ginger, is tyhere any way

    to contact you. Email? phone? I will take the two boxes of Hampton Classic Oak if you still have. but it needs to be the

    right size.

  82. Hi there all I finally got somewhere with Home Depot!!!!!

    You need to when you get those asses on the phone tell them that you want to speak to a supervisor and when you get them

    you need to tell them that They need to get ahold of theirHead people because they are supposed to get you the manufactuer

    info and call then for you and get you whatever you need DONT TALK TO A FLOOR PERSON talk to a manager only I learned this

    from a cliet of mine that used to work there she told me to tell them you want to talk to or you want them to TALK TO

    THEIR HEAD OFFICE. matter of fact get that niumber call them yourself you are the consumer and you are always

    right!!!!!!!! I just recieved my 10 boxes I asked for it really does work

  83. Donald Nitzke says:

    Jennifer, did you get what you needed or did they send

    you a substitute. I am finding out that there are about three different sizes of the Hampton Classic Oak that I need. How

    old is the floor that you put down and did the style go out of production like the Classic Oak? I have been to the Home

    Depot and I have called Shaw (the manufacturer of the Depot’s product) All I have gotten is that it is out of style and

    that I need to lay a whole new floor. And that ain’t happenin’ any time in this century, especially in laminate

    flooring! I am now having to take up flooring from my living room and lay carpet, to finish the project in the kitchen and

    hall way. Laminate flooring is beginning to suck!

  84. Donald,No I got exactly what I

    was looking for it was the same sku# (because I kept one end of the box) same stlye same everything.And yes shaw will tell

    you that it is discontinued because it is and shaw was not the people who they talked to because shaw sells other products

    too besides traffic master (and it was classic oak) Im talking about the people who produce traffic master not another

    company that sells it. And I tried googleing it and that doesnt work it just takes you to blogs you need to get hte info

    from home depot they have to get you what you want not a substitue.

  85. I have a Hampton Classic Oak Traffic Master

    floor I installed 3 years ago. 1200 s.f. on the diagonal. It’s beautiful and wearing well, but each year, in May, it

    separates, for about six months, at the end joints in a number of places. about a 16th of an inch. It tightens up again

    in November. I live in Florida, and logic tells me that it should be just the opposite. If it’s going to “shrink”, it

    would do so in the dryer winter months. It’s installed with the premium pad, over a tile floor. It was definitely

    snapped tightly together when installed. Does anybody else have this problem and/or a solution?

  86. Koen Vermeylen says:

    I’m lookimg for Trafficmaster Original laminate flooring.

    Baltimore oak is the color. Bought it at Home Depot and they have Discontinued it and I need more.

  87. I need Biltmore oak, ran

    out and only need 1 box to finish.
    can anyone help me?

  88. Hey everyone…I am in desperate need of trafficmasters old locking style hampton honey oak HD015 #203!!! The

    new locking system on the traffic master is not fitting corretly and I only have 260 sq ft left out of 1,500 sq. ft

    job!!! HELP!

    Does any one have this old style around? I need around 13 boxes :\ or has anyone figured out how to

    juryrig the stuff with the new locking system?!?


  89. Wendy Billings says:

    I’m also lookimg for

    Trafficmaster: Baltimore Oak. Anyone have any ideas – any extra?

  90. I need 500 sq ft traffic master honey oak. Orange county CA

  91. Gidget Swafford says:

    I am looking for traffic master can you tell where to find it

  92. I have 53 boxes of African Chestnut for sale. does

    anyone need any?

  93. David Nitzke. If you still need the Hampton Classic Oak,

    e-mail to

  94. I am in need of the classic oak laminate, the dimensions are

    7.86W x 47.56L x 5/16H. Does anyone know of any stores in ny that have it? I’m looking for 400 sq



  95. Connie, I am in need of 2-3 boxes of TrafficMaster African Chestnut. Do you still have it? Please contact me.

  96. I need two boxes of trafficmaster Hampton Honey Oak
    7.86″ x 47.56″ x 5/16 (8mm)

  97. We are in need of 500 sq ft or 25 boxes of Traffic master honey oak lot 31M. Please let me know if you can help! We live in the Phoenix AZ area.

  98. David Nitzke, my reply to you did not go thou. Do you still want the Hampton Classic Oak? If so, reply to the same e-mail as before. Thanks.

  99. I’m finishing my new floor & I am about to run out of Honey Oak. Does anyone have any? 1-2 boxes will work. Or, if you have Classic Oak, I can do inside a large closet and under the fridge, oven etc. to give me enough to finish the open part of the floor.

    Much appreciated in advance. NJ 08094

  100. I have 4 & 3/4 boxes of Traffic Master Honey Oak for sale. E-mail @

  101. I am looking for 2 boxes of traffic master verde stone sku#356-148 (in Canada the sku is 183-385) I have phoned all over Canada to no avail. Is there anyone out there who has seen any in the western side of the states? Or have extra that I may purchase from them. I have an open floor plan and do not want to redo the 1500 sq ft that I have already laid down in this product.

    Thanking you in advance.

  102. MIKE BRUNO says:


  103. MIKE BRUNO says:


  104. anna vigil says:

    hello we are looking for 500 sq. ft. of Rio glueless laminate flooring.Sku #839-462 if anyone has any please respond. reply at

  105. Pat Buchanan says:

    I have 4 boxes and a

    partial box of Hampton Clasic Oak HD 015#107 The UPC on the box is 65894 16517 Will this help anyone?

  106. Scott Jackman says:

    I am looking for

    the Home Depot discontinued Trafficmaster Classic Oak – Hampton. I need two boxes. I have emailed a couple of places and

    have not heard anything back as of yet. Does anyone have a name or phone number for the manufacture. It is illusive and

    Home Depot is of no service.

  107. Please e-mail me @ mfyn@hotmail

    if you have Hampton Classic Oak available. Thank you!

  108. Scott Jackman says:

    For Pat Buchanan,

    I am in need of any of the Hampton

    Clasic Oak that you have available. My hall floor is torn up and wife is not happy. My Email is

  109. frances gilmore says:

    this is the worst flooring I have ever seen,it is warping everywhere,and I

    can’t reach anyone to help me solve this problem

  110. Kenneth Jones says:

    I am in need of Traffic Master

    Cognac Oak – any boxes. Can’t locate in any Home Depot’s anymore. Please email me at if you know

    how to find any.

  111. eleanor abbate says:

    i need at least 8 to 10 boxes ( maybe more) of trafficmaster tuscan cherry. i live in queens, new your and will travel to pick up anywhere on long island or in south jersey.
    please email me at

  112. Leah Elwood says:

    I am looking for 6 cartons Traffic Master Sarasota oak does anyone know where I may find it?

  113. Carlton Robertson says:

    I need one box of 107 Traffic Master Classic Oak. Please contact at

  114. Pat Buchanan says:

    Found someone to

    take my extra laminate.

  115. I have 17 boxes of Honey Finish Heritage Oak Traffic Master Engineered Hardwood Flooring left. Please contact if you are interested

  116. Leah Elwood says:

    I found 2 cartons of Traffic Master Sarasota Oak but when we tried to finish off the room the new flooring doesn’t snap together nicely, even though it appears to be exactly the same flooring. We have waited over 48 hours as instructed to let the floor get acclimated. Any suggestion? We are hoping if we wait longer it will shrink or swell what ever it needs to do.

  117. Ted Thurlby says:

    I am looking for about 125 sq feet of Avalon Oak for a project. I have 28 boxes of Avalon Oak to do the job. If I can’t locate more I not do an extra room and sell what I don’t use. Will probably have 10 boxes or so left. If anyone needs any Avalon Oak let me know. SKU # 610-300 New in boxes.

  118. i have appox 400 sq ft of used traffic master hampton classic oak available.

  119. I need about 10′ of Biltmore Oak transitions, I forgot to buy these when I got my flooring. Is there anyone out there that may have some?

  120. Liliana Chang says:

    I need 3 boxes of Traffic Master Hampton Honey Oak HD015 #203, UPC 65894 16518. Email

  121. shane fayete says:

    i am getting to hate trafficmaster flooring because you can find the flooring to get started but when need to fix it you can not find any replacement. the brand you can only find at home depot. If ask home depot at store or online for help they will not help.

  122. please please please: if anyone knows or has about 6 to 8 boxes of trafficmaster tuscan cherry laminate flooring, please let me know. i have a half completed floor and need to complete the other half.
    home depot does not help you at all. i have tried to find out who supplied them with this color of trafficmaster and i am starting to beleive that trafficmaster is a hoax.

  123. Eleanor, if you find any Tuscan Cherry I need 6 pieces, please let me know.

  124. maybe someone on this website can help me.
    i have one large room, which is a dining room and living room and the dining room area has the trafficmaster tuscan cherry and the living room area has carpet.
    i cannot find any more tuscan cherry, and i want to get rid of the carpet.
    with 4 cats and 2 dogs i think it would be cleaner to not have carpet.
    how can i fix the problem and get rid of the carpet.
    what can i put down next to the laminate flooring to make everything blend.
    it is either find something or rip the entire floor up.

  125. I’m looking for about 11 boxes of trafficmaster classic oak, can anyone help?

  126. Does anyone have any boxes of African Chestnut engineered hardwood flooring by Traffic Master? Saw a posting in Octover by Connie having 53 boxes. Where is that located ??? I am in AZ

  127. pleas help!!!
    I need a couple of boxes of trafic master honey oak laminate flooring. I am located in Arizona.

  128. pleas help!!!
    I need a couple of boxes of trafic master honey oak laminate flooring. I am located in Arizona.


  129. I am in need of 1 box of Trafficmaster Hampton Classic Oak. Home Depot no longer carries it and the newer colors are close but not exact. As well, the pieces are smaller so that they don’t fit the older flooring. If anyone can help, my email is


  130. I need 2 boxes of TrafficMaster Original Biltmore Oak to do some repair work. Do you know where I can get this around Santa Ana, CA. If not can anyone suggest the closest substitute?


  131. I need to boxes of Biltmore Oak. Do you know where I could find this? If not any suggestions on a good substitution?

  132. IM looking for Pergo Honey Oak number 9404 or 4486, does anyone have available or know where I can find this, need about 13’x26′ 338 sq ft of it.
    Please let me know.
    Thanks for you help

  133. Hi,
    Looking for 4 boxes of Trafficmaster Avalon Oak by Home Depot to finish a room. Anyone have any extra ones, please let me know and cost at

  134. DEB! How much would you ask of me for 130 sq ft of classic oak???!

  135. i have one box of hampton classic oak as well as some pieces that have been slightly used, about 400 sq ft total. Please let me know if you are interested, im in southern ca.

  136. Daryl Pearson says:

    Purchased TrafficMaster Tuscan Cherry a couple years ago for my kitchen and now want to extend into an adjacent room, but home peot says it is no longer available. I can’t even find the manufacuturer. I need another 240 sq. ft of SKU 130-642. Does anyone have this or know where it may be purchased?

  137. Trying to finish a room and found a board in a trafficmaster box in the basement that matches the kitchen. Kitchen was done a couple of months ago. The only thing I found on the box was the number 58 on the back of the box. Does anybody know what color this is? There was no upc or description on the box 🙁 All I have is the serial number on back of the board which means nothing to home depot. Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

  138. I am desperately looking for one or two boxes of the Traffic Master Honey Oak. Please contact me for a quick sale. or 703.405.3826

  139. I have 22 full boxes (approx. 440 sq ft) of TrafficMaster Honey Oak, but need about 10 more to finish my project. I just found out that the Depot discontinued the color and changed manufacturers (and, therefore, interlocking systems). I’m interested in finding more or, failing that, selling what I have. I’m in the Boston area.

  140. Ken from Pgh says:

    I am in need of a small amount of Classic Oak Hapton Collection. 7.86″ X 47.56″ X 5/16″. One case would be sufficient. Anybody have any laying around or know where I can find some. Thanks All. Look forward to hearing back.

  141. Hello,
    I am in need of Traffic Master Classic Oak. This is to fix a section of flooring already installed, so any quantity will help. If someone has extra, please let me know.

  142. darla grayson says:

    i purchased a laminate flooring that came in squares with the sticky back over a year ago at home depot
    it was a traffic master
    the color was minorda rock or something like that
    i do know the pattern number – it is S1408
    i am needing 5 boxes
    we added on to our home and we need some more to match what we already have
    i would really appreciate it if you could tell me where to look for this
    on the box it had williecoltd
    i have tried the name in search engines and have come up with nothing
    all help is appreciated
    thank you
    darla grayson

  143. I’m in need of 4 boxes of Traffic Master Honey Oak

    HD015 #00203 to complete a project, does anyone have some? Its been discontinued at Home Depot and I’m not sure if the

    Hamilton Oak that took its place is the same. I’m located near Washington DC. Email me at

  144. Had a plumbing problem.

    Traffic master (verona) was damaged. I need 5 or 6 boxes. Please!!! I am in Austin,Texas

  145. Jesse Allen says:

    I am looking for 1 or 2 boxes of Honey Oak, willing to pay premium on purchase. Please help!



  146. Connie–I need some Traffic Master African Chestnut; please
    let me know whether you have any; if so, how much?

  147. Does anybody have Traffic Master African Chestnut? If so, please contact me at or Thanks in advance.
    We need 10 boxes but will take less and we would like to buy more (e.g. 15 or 20 boxes) if available. Thanks again.

  148. I need 8 cases of sarasota oak, does anyone know where it may be hiding?

  149. In need of Traffic Master African Chestnut that was sold in HD stores and is no longer carriesd. I can be reached at Ginger, if you still have some and see this. Thanks.

  150. I have 9 boxes of Traffic Master Original Oak laminate flooring. E-mail me if you are interested in it.

  151. Sorry – I meant I have 9 boxes of Classic Oak. If interested, e-mail me at

  152. I am looking for trafficmaster verona. I need 400 square feet. If anyone knows where I can find it I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!

  153. i am looking for some honey oak. anyone have any?

  154. trafficmaster honey oak.

  155. Thad,
    Do you still have the boxes of Red Oak Natural 700 ? If so, or if anyone else has any, please contact me at looking for 5-7 boxes.

  156. Anyone have Trafficmaster Red Oak Natural 700? Or anything that’s a close substitute? I just need a few boxes.

  157. I am looking for about 6 boxes of Classic Oak laminate wood flooring. I understand that Home Depot and Shaw

    flooring has discontinued it but was hoping that someone will have some extra laying around. Please let me know at Thanks, in Texas.

  158. Help! Looking for 2 boxes of Trafficmaster ‘Hampton’ Classic Oak to finish my old project. Anyone that had a couple boxes, still have them? Please email me at: Many Thanks!!!

  159. I need five planks of Trafficmaster Hampton Classic Oak. If you have any spare planks, please email me to

    So desparate to finish the project, that I will accept the spam that comes from posting my address on line.

  160. I have approx. 60 cases of Sarasota Oak left over from a whole pallet we bought from HD. We may use it on another house we own, but Im to lazy to put it on my pickuptrack and waste about $200 in gas getting to our other house. Im located in Temple Hills, MD. and I need my garage back!!! Please email me and let me know if you want to purchase it.

  161. Hello, I looking for 2 to 3 boxes of Albany Oak made by trafficmaster. If anyone can help email me at

  162. Pat Burch says:

    I have a bad floor joist at a door way that needs to be repaired.the exterior doorway is located in the center of the room.How can I repair the flooring and reinstall without taking the entire floor up or have to install a transition strip where I cut the flooring ? Thanks

  163. Summer Wilmer says:

    I am looking for about 10 boxes of trafficmaster- southern oak laminate flooring. If anyone can help me out, please e-mail me at

    Thank you

  164. Who makes Traffic Master? I know Home Depot carries it.

  165. I am looking for a carton of Pergo Preferred Rennaissance. I purchased this product from Home Depot in 200 but it has been discontinued. The product number from Home Depot is PR3060. This product was specific to Home Depot and not available through other channels.

  166. Julian,

    I may be interested in the Sarasota Oak if you have it left. Email me at with how much you want for them.

  167. Trying to find 2 boxes of TrafficMaster Verona laminate flooring does anyone know where I might can find this. Was originally bought from Home Depot but they do not carry it anymore. PLEASE email me at

  168. Julian,

    What is your email address? I may be interested if the price is right.

  169. Brandon Thomas says:

    Hi, I have 9 boxes of Traffic Master Tuscan Cherry unopened that I would like to sell if anyone is interested. I also have about 250 s.f. of Tuscan Cherry that is barely used on my floor that I am about to remove that I would also be willing to sell if someone is interested. Email me at if you would like them. Thanks!

  170. I need about four boxes or so of Biltmore Oak. I had a pipe burst and have a area to repair. Email me at


  171. I have been unsuccessful in connecting with the Traffice Master Original Customer Service Dept using 1-800-860-0594. The message states the Mail Box is Full. It has been full since Thursday, March 20, 2008. I want floor care instructions particularly what you CAN use on the floow to maintain luster and color. Thanks.

  172. Rob Reighley says:

    I need a box of TrafficMaster Verde Stone 356-148. Anyone have any?

  173. i need some of the classic oak and our regional Home depot no longer carries it. Any suggestions?
    Thanks a lot!

  174. I need 13 boxes of the discontinued Traffic Master Original Classic Oak, email me at if you can help.

  175. wendy and tod beutler says:

    i need about 10 boxes of verona traffic master gluess laminate flooing asap. started floor ran out 1/2 way done. please email if you have any. thanks or know where i can get some.

  176. Cornell Blandon says:

    I need two boxes of Traffic Master Avalon Oak ,please email me if you have any

  177. We are trying to find Natural Eucalyptus laminate flooring made by Traffic Master. We bought it at Home Depot last summer and now need to finish up our living room. Does anyone know where we can find it?
    Please email us at if you know how we can find it. Thanks!

  178. We bought one box of Traffic Master Original Parquet squares – Item 77336 in Beech, shortblock pattern, natural finish – with the intention of going back and buying enough to do about 700 square feet of our house. Now, today, we find that the big orange retail giant (BORG) has discontinued carrying it. If anyone knows where I can find about 65-70 boxes of this, I would appreciate hearing. nclinnm at Please. I can’t find another retailer of this material on the ‘net.


  179. I am looking for Sarasota Oak, Glueless Laminate Flooring by TrafficMaster. Anyone know where I can find any or if you have any extra?? Please let me know, my email is
    Thank you!!!

  180. Btw, I am looking for 2 boxes!

  181. We are trying to find more Tuscan Cherry by Traffic
    Master. We bought it at Home Depot and would like to get enough to finish off many more rooms of our home. Does anyone know where we can get it?

  182. I am looking for disconinued Traffic Master Sarosota Oak bought from Home Depot. Where can I buy this ??

  183. I need Sarosota Oak from Home Depot do you have any ?

  184. Debbie Jennings says:

    We purchased this flooring in January. It has been 4 months, the floor is scratched heavily, it is coming apart on the seams, it is horrible. We spent 800 dollars to do two rooms, 4 months later we are considering ripping it up and replacing it with a better product. here’s the kicker, We left the front door open about an hour the other day, only to come back inside and see our new trafic master floor bubbling up from the heat, it was a sea of bubbles. This is a horrible product, it can’t even be exposed to any kind of heat. We are trying for a refund of our money does anyone know about the warrenty… Thanks…

  185. Richard Liccardi says:

    I need 5 pieces of the Hampton Classic Oak by Traffic Master. Plank Size 7.86″x47.56″x5/16″. I will buy a box if required. Can anybody help me?


  186. I am looking for 15 boxes of Traffic Master Northern Cherry. My local Home Depot has a few boxes in stock but since it’s sku# shows a penny price apparently they are not allowed to sell it per corporate. I will try to speak to a different manager this morning. Anyone run into this problem?

  187. John Counelis says:

    I just finished project at cabin. I have 5 boxes of tuscan cherry left over if any one is interested. I live in mich. Email me at

  188. I’m looking for 325 sq ft of Traffic Master Avalon Oak. Let me know if anyone has any or knows where I can get it. Thanks.

  189. Marlene Eckert says:

    Replying to Fred, #207: I ran into a similar situation with a Home Depot in Holland, MI. I had already negotiated $30 per box for African Chestnut with a salesperson, and called back to place the order on a day that he happened to be off. The second salesperson said they weren’t permitted to sell the product but had to ship it back to the manufacturer. I called back the next day when the first salesperson was in and placed the order with him. So, yes, it may help just to talk to somebody else.

  190. I have extra boxes of Albany Oak (SKU 998-551) available.
    Call me at 661-972-8564 if you need some.

  191. Laura cyr says:

    I am need of 15 peices of southern oak flooring. can anyone help?

  192. Laura cyr says:

    I need southern oak traffic master, my email is if you have any. I will pay.

  193. Evelyn Galbreath says:

    I am looking for 6 boxes of Trafficmaster Avalon Oak. If anyone has any or knows where to find it please email me at Thanks

  194. david wederfort says:

    Looking for a older style of traffic master called Beech Premium color # 226, model # U5507, Any help is appreciated. originally purchased at Home Depot in 2003. Need about 12 boxes if possible, anyone know how to contact Traffic Master? Help!

  195. Jay Hochhalter says:

    I need one box of Trafficmaster Cordoba Oak. Email me at

  196. I am looking for one box of trafficmaster oak cordoba. Contact me at

  197. Home Depot Brooklyn, Ohio 216-676-9969 Has about 40 boxes of Traffic Master Light Red Oak as of 062708 @ 1.49 a s.f. SKU 584-860 total 34.75 a box.

  198. Steven S. says:

    I need 4 boxes of hampton traffic master honey oak floor. If anyone has it or knows where i can get it please email me at Thanks for your time.

  199. I am looking for Shaw Ind. or Traffic Masters Hampton Honey Oak. It was made in 2005 and discontinued in 2007. I can not find any replacement pieces through Home Depot. Can you help? The number on the back of the one remaining piece I have is: MM 2187 38079 1855
    Please email me if you have any to sell.

  200. T.Dalton says:

    im looking for 4 boxes of Trafficmaster Verona -as with everyone else ,it is no longer in stock- if you could direct me to a link where i can get it or if your home depot might still carry it-HELP!

    email is

  201. anthony says:

    I have 2 unopened boxes of tuscan cherry, plus I am removing the floor, (put down 6 mths ago, after sitting for a year) of about 10 boxes.

  202. anthony says:

    I have 2 unopened boxes of trafficMaster tuscan cherry, plus I am removing the floor, (put down 6 mths ago, after sitting for a year) of about 10 boxes.

  203. Jane Vest says:

    I am looking for three boxes of Traffic Master Serenity Oak, sku 57-242 to finish a room. Does anyone know where I can find them?

  204. Julie Simons says:

    I have many cases of the Traffic Master laminate flooring for a house that we’re renovating. I believe it’s the Hamilton Oak, but would have to check for sure. I got it just a couple weeks ago. I expect to have quite a few boxes left. If anyone needs some, please let me know at

    Oh, and for the person wondering if you have to install the cabinets and then the flooring the answer is YES. This is a “floating” floor, and can not be glued, nailed or otherwise permanently attached to anything, which includes setting the cabinets on top of it. It has to have space all around the perimeter of the installation area to allow for expanding and contracting. The space gets covered up by quarter round or molding, just be sure you nail the molding to the wall and not the floor.

  205. Tiffanie says:

    Looking for Avalon Oak to finish my house. Any ideas? Originally bought it at home depot.

  206. Does anyone know what the colors of the old style of oak trafficmaster i threw the boxes away and i need to know the color..i need more of it.. I am thinking it was golden oak please help……

  207. I am very much in need of the orignial trafficmaster classic oak. As much as I can get my hands on!

    email at

  208. K. La Grander says:

    I am looking for Trafficmaster Laminate in Light Oak. I need 20 boxes. Does anyone know where I can find it?

  209. Reply to Debbie: Our floor has been in for about 1 1/2 years and has started to come up at some of the seams. I checked into the warranty. It has a 10 year warranty, but best of luck with that. You do need original sales receipts and to take photos of the problems. Our original claim was denied by our photographs alone. We have appealed and now maybe someone will actually come out and look at the floor. We had the floor installed by the store which we are using as leverage–that it can’t be our installation error such as a lack of spacing around the floor for expansion causing the buckling. We know we have not had plumbing problems or any big spills. The floor is awful–let me know if you have any luck.

  210. The seams on my kitchen floor are starting to come up. Is there anything I can do about?

    If we have to replace them, is there anything we can do during installation to make sure it won’t happen again?

  211. Julia N. says:

    I have 500+ sq ft of Traffic Master (trafficmaster) honey oak engineered wood left from a project. I’m in Sacramento California, or can meet in San Jose, California. E-mail if interested. Will sell in the next week or so locally.

  212. Denise S says:

    I need 1 box of the hampton honey oak, trafficmaster brand, i’m in Minnesota, please help!!

  213. replying to Julia N. do you still have your hampton honey oak flooring, i’m still needing minimum of 4 single planks. ??

  214. In response to Julia N. #232
    Do you still have the Honey Oak? I live in Illinois but am very interested. Need flooring for spare bedroom and want it to match what runs down the hallway.

  215. I have 12 boxes of TrafficMaster Honey Oak for sale.

  216. I am looking for two boxes of trafficmaster red oak natural 700 3-strip w/attached backing The sku #is 321-946 would be very grateful .Contact me at

  217. I am looking to purchase two boxes of traffic master red oak natural 700 3- strip w/attached backing.Home Depot no longer carrys this .The sku number was 321-946

  218. Looking for Traffic Master Classic Oak. I need about 5 boxes. If anyone out there has any please contact me via email at:
    I live in the Fresno, CA area.

    James L.

  219. Patrick W says:

    I’m hoping to find Trafficmaster Classic Oak.
    I live in Alaska. None of our homedepot locations have any. Please HELP!!!

  220. Terry Monahan says:

    I am looking for two boxes of Traffic Master Serenity Oak, sku 57-242 to finish a room. Does anyone know where I can find them? Is it still available from the manufacturer?


  221. Terry Monahan says:

    I am looking for three boxes of Traffic Master Serenity Oak, sku 57-242 to finish a room. Does anyone know where I can find them? My email…is

  222. Need a box of TrafficMaster Classic Oak. I am not impressed with the durability of this stuff, but we live with what we have. I bought it four years ago at Home Depot, and now have to patch an area due to water damage.

    If you have a spare box, please email me at

  223. Barb Blankenhorn says:

    I am looking for 1 box of Traffic Master Original in honey oak. Can anyone help? Barb

  224. J FRED MUGGS says:

    i have the albany oak , and the seams come apart
    have figured out that it can be reset and glued, or glued and reset, whatever.
    how come you won’t stand behind your product.
    heres the deal, you get in touch with me,
    so we can figure out a solution, with in 1 week
    from todal the 9/8/o8.
    and i won’t start screamen, my lungs out , on the DIY
    forums that i am on, every day!
    why don’t you come and visit at the diy message boards
    my opinion has been asked today. i told them not to buy your product. this is not blackmail. blackmail is when you lie, or threaten to get a montery value.
    i do not want a montery value, i want my flooring
    warranty , to be worth more than the recycled [shi]]
    paper it is printed on.!!!!! i week

  225. scott kellogg says:

    Need 1 box (but will buy what you have) of trafficmaster (color RIO) Please contact me @ 360-532-8377 8am-4pm Pacific standard time or @ Thanks for looking

  226. This is an interesting thread. It is such a pity that there isn’t better after-sales support from the manufacturer. There clearly is a need for that. I also find it amazing that people’s experiences are so different. I have had contact with folks who rave about the Trafficmaster range, commenting on how robust it is. Judging by some of the above replies, as many people are experiencing serious problems after installation. I hope everybody making comments above find those elusive boxes of flooring planks somehow!

  227. I’m lookingfor 3 boxes of Hamilton Oak. I tried all the Home Depots in 300 miles radis and no one has it. Anyone out there have or know where to find it. Email

  228. I am looking fro a box of TrafficMaster Verde Stone. Anyone have any? Please contact me at Thanks.

  229. Gerald R Riedel says:

    I am looking for 1 box of trafficmaster brazillian cherry laminate. Please e-mail me at

  230. Shannon Gunter says:

    Does anyone have about 5 boxes of Traffic Master Hampton, classic oak, we would like to continue our floor down the hallway. I would really appreciate any contact back. Thank you

  231. I have 4 boxes of TrafficMaster Original Smooth Ash. I purchased more than needed to do a floor, and thought about using the remaining 4 with a different color, however, they discontinued the flooring. Am willing to sell.

  232. I have 440 sq feet of wear master 25 year Classic Oak flooring from Home Depot with underlayment. I am Located in Southeastrn Mi
    Contact me at

  233. Looking for boxes of TafficMaster Medium Red Oak, anyone know where to get some, Home Depot quit carring it.

  234. Dean Albrecht says:

    We’re looking to buy 750 squ. feet of laminate flooring for $500 or less. Let me know.

  235. I’ve also had problems….the floor is only a year old and it’s shrinking!!! I have it in my kitchen, dining room and hallway. My subfloor is in great shape and I CAN’T BELIEVE THE SEAMS ARE AT LEAST 1/16 INCH APART. I’m a perfectionist and put this floor down myself. What an embarrassment! I WILL NEVER BUY TRAFFIC MASTER AGAIN !!!!

  236. ….I feel sorry for you people that are looking for more flooring stock….you’ll never get it from them. They could care less about you. Also, I hope your floors don’t fall apart like mine and so many others.

  237. Looking for a box of hampton honey oak I bought at home depot several years ago,and has since been discontinued,and realize each manufacturer has their own locking system.The original sku#515-664 at 20.77sf.Please e-mail me at if you have any.Thanks,Ed

  238. I am looking for about 4 boxes of trafficMaster Avalon Oak to finish a room, SKU 610-300. Please email me at Thanks!

  239. I am looking for 4 boxes of Classic Oak. I live in the Atlanta area.

  240. I am looking for 4 boxes of Classic Oak. I live in the Atlanta area. My email is

  241. have 6 boxes of unopened trafficmaster classic oak for sale or need to buy more to finish a room – upstate ny email

  242. I am looking for four or five boxes of Hamilton Oak TrafficMaster laminate flooring…if anyone has any, please contact me at I am in the Atlanta area.

  243. need 6 boxes of albany oak. email

  244. I am trying to find traficmaster Classic Oak. Home Depot no longer carries it can you help ?

  245. I need 3 boxes or will sell 6 boxes Sarasota oak SKU 851-334. Please reply to

  246. I am looking for 1 box of Hamilton Oak finish. If you have any left please email me at:

  247. We have all the house done but 1 room with the classic oak and would like to finish that room however Shaw who manufactures the floor for Home Depot discontinued it. I would like to know what they will do if there is a problem with the flooring being that there is a 25 year warranty on it. If any has 140 sq feet of classic oak, I am interested in it.

  248. Does anyone have any extra cartons of trafficmaster glueless laminate flooring HAMPTON Classic Oak. I need one carton to finish my floor. Please email me at Thank you

  249. I have 2 boxes of TrafficMaster Albany Oak, can’t find anymore so have to change my laminate flooring choice.

  250. Trying to locate Traffic Master flooring in Medium Red Oak. Need 3 boxes to complete bedroom. Can’t locate any at Home Depots in Houston. If you have any additional boxes or know of any locations with inventory, email

  251. Jeff Fountain says:

    Looking for 3 boxes Traffic Master Verona, SKU # 619 608. Email me at or phone 702-493-0012

  252. Looking for a few boxes of Traffic Master Albany Oak. Please email me at

  253. Lloyd/January 13th, 2009, 4.00pm says:

    I need 25 more boxes of Traffic Master “African Chestnut”. If anyone have it or know of where I can get it, please respond.

  254. Lloyd/January 19th, 2009, 1.00pm says:

    Desperately need 25 boxes of Traffic Master “African Chestnut”. Has anyone found this product at another retailer. Anybody…anywhere…please respond to 404-377-0988 or

  255. Hi
    I need all I can get Traffic master, sarasota oak
    PLEASE HELP . E-Mail me if you have boxes
    Thanks so much

  256. Trafficmaster sarasota oak I need all I can get.
    Thanks so much

  257. I have six unopened boxes of Tuscan Cherry to sell. Tucson, AZ

  258. I am looking for trafficmaster Dark Red Oak. Need approx
    1500 sq. ft. Contact me at

    L. J.

  259. I need 1500 sq ft of trafficmaster Dark Red Oak. Contact me at

    L J

  260. Patricia Ray says:

    Hello, I need 2-3 boxes of Trafficmaster Light Red Oak Laminate Flooring SKU#941368 LR0001. I live in Atlanta, and we didn’t buy enough boxes to finish a bedroom. We got it at the Home Depot Clearance Center in Austell and they keep promising they will get more in, but they don’t. We are willing to pay More for the needed boxes than we paid for it originally.

  261. I am desperately looking for one box of Trafficmaster Original Avalon Oak. I would be willing to pay above cost, plus shipping. If anyone has a box that they’d be willing to share, please let me know at

  262. I need a few boxes of Original Classic Oak! Please let me know if you have any to sell. Thanks! Carson

  263. I need 2 planke of sarasota oak sku 851-334
    Thanks Patrick

  264. Tammy McLean says:

    Looking for Dresden Steel pattern if anyone has any leftovers. Thanks,

  265. I have 6 unopened boxes of Biltmore Oak 4 sale

  266. I have 6 unopened boxes of Biltmore Oak 4 sale

    email to

  267. I am looking for Traffic Master Hampton Classic Oak to finish a progect. I need enough to cover a 14 x 16 room (224 sq. ft.)Contact me

  268. Does anyone know where to get any trafficmaster natural 12 inx 12 in floring i need a few boxes email me

  269. john Yuechko says:

    I looking for 1 box of “trafficmaster oak cordoba” sold at home depot.

  270. Roxanne Couey says:

    I need about 950 sq. ft of trafficmaster red oak lamintate flooring. Please contact me at if anyone has any for sale. Please respond. Thanks.

  271. I have about 600 sq ft of trafficmaster Hampton honey oak. It is about 3 years old. I had a couple of pieces get damaged and I can not get new anywhere. If you are interested please contact me at

  272. I have 10 unopened cartons/boxes of TrafficMaster Glueless Laminate Oak Cordorba flooring that I never got around to using. Each carton contains 9 planks, measures 23.77 sq ft per carton (50.59in x 7.52in x 26in each). I purchased them at Home Depot a while ago and can no longer return them as they have been discontinued. The boxes were stored on shelves in my basement. I live in Baltimore and will be very reasonable with pricing.
    Contact me at

  273. Andy Schink says:

    My wife has decided that we are not going to use the remaining 5 boxes of Honey Oak, so they are now for sale. Please contact me ASAP at or 412.302.7002 if you are interested.


  274. Andy Schink says:

    Sorry about the previous one: My wife has decided that we are not going to use the remaining 5 boxes of Classic Oak, so they are now for sale. Please contact me ASAP at or 412.302.7002 if you are interested.


  275. I am removing a nearly new traffic master gunstock oak 703 floor and have five cases of new. I would estimate there is 400 sf of useable material,


  276. Rick Holt // 05/08/2009 1:36pm says:

    I need about 2 boxes/cartons of Trafficmaster Dark Red Oak laminate flooring.
    Please contact @
    Marietta, Ga.

  277. Need only a few boards of TrafficMaster RED OAK NATURAL. Will buy any amount you have….

  278. Charles says:

    I need a few boxes of TrafficMaster Rio Flooring
    Please email me if you have some.

  279. Hello:
    I am remodeling and in need of two boxes of Biltmore Oak laminate flooring (originally from Home Depot).
    Can anyone help?
    Email me at

  280. I need 1 more box of traffic master original natural finish valley oak the code on the upper right corner is 578-350. many thanks

  281. dah… please contact at

  282. I need one case of Traffic Master dark red oak, please contact me at

  283. Tammie Bryant says:

    I need 6 boxes of honey finish heritage oak.. ASAP
    916 308-9569

  284. reply to Kathy B // October 5th, 2008 at 2:45 pm
    We would like to purchase the 4 boxes of
    TrafficMaster Original Smooth Ash. If you get this please email: Don Mathis or call 229-768-3346 and ask for Don Mathis.

  285. Turk308 says:

    Looking for more “Tuscan Cherry”…the floor is beautiful, and durable. I want to continue it into my
    other room.



  286. I need to get hold of 4 boxes of Trafficmaster A.beech shortblock parquet flooring.
    Item number 77336

    Can anyone help? If so email me please:

  287. I am looking for 3 boxes of Albany Oak. Check local Home Depot’s in Highland, CA and cannot locate any. If you have some I can purchase or know of somewhere to purchase some, please contact me – or 909-855-5582. Thanks!!

  288. Allen Wronko says:

    Floor got flooded and I need Light Red Oak Finish skew is 7001. Please email me at
    need about 4 to 6 cases or call me at 201-206-4953


  289. I am in search of 2 boxes of Trafficmaster Hampton Honey Oak. Please contact me at Thanks!!!

  290. Desperately looking for Traffic Master Brasilia laminate floor that was sold at Home Depot in 07.

  291. richard says:

    hi,i need 1 box and molding for trafficmaster sarasota oak laminate flooring.i cant find it anywhere .can anyone help me.thanks

  292. richard says:

    hi,i need 1 box and molding for trafficmaster sarasota oak laminate flooring.i cant find it anywhere .can anyone help me.thanks

  293. Twila Barbieri says:

    I need at least a few if not a box or more of Traffic Master Original Light Red Oak. My mother had this installed in her house and passed away. I am trying to repair some damage to her kitchen floor so that I can sell her house and need several pieces of the flooring.
    I can be reached by email-

  294. i have five pieces of traffic master livingston oak originally purchased at home depot.

  295. Looking for 2 planks of the trafficMASTER original Hamilton Oak. Old SKU 109-453. New SKU 147-115. If you have any leftover please e-mail me at Thanks.

  296. Am looking for 1-2 boxes of the trafficmaster honey oak laminate flooring. Dishwasher had a leak and damaged some of the flooring. If anyone has any leads, let me know.

    My email is


    Scott M.

  297. Need a half box (or maybe less of Verde Stone). Thanks

  298. I desperaterly need 2-3 boxes of the TrafficMaster Hamilton Oak, it has been discontinued and I need to repair a section of flooring.

  299. BETTY PEARSON says:

    I am looking for at least 10 boxes of Traffic Master original, Honey finish, heritage Oak. Please email me at Thanks, Betty

  300. teresa brewer says:

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